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  • Frustrated by your need to check up on your people all the time?
  • Tired of working longer hours just to stand still?
  • Want to work ON your business, not IN it?

The McFreedom Report gives you the lowdown on how to systemise your business. It shows you how modelling McDonald’s will streamline your business and free up your time. And how you can build a high performing team who work consistently well whether you’re there or not.

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Marianne Page

The McFreedom System™

The ‘Mc’ as an affectionate and respectful nod to McDonald’s who inspired it, and Freedom, because that’s exactly what it will give you and your team.

For your team – freedom from you looking over their shoulders all the time, checking up on them, re-doing their work. They’ll have the confidence to take ownership for their role and be able to perform it to a high standard.

For you – freedom to work on the business rather than slogging away in it. You’ll be able to focus on growing, or scaling or maybe even selling your business, and be able to fully trust that your team are taking care of the day to day – running the systems that are running your business.

You’ll have time – and the freedom to choose what you do with it.

That’s what The McFreedom System™ is all about.

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Marianne’s McDonald’s experience probably makes her one of the world’s most qualified experts on the practicalities of implementing processes and systems
Daniel Priestley, Dent
Business owners often feel shackled to their business. The McFreedom System teaches you how modelling McDonald’s will help you to streamline your business and free up your time
Kezia Luckett, Business Coach
My productivity has gone up many, many times. I’ve launched two new businesses completely from scratch since I started working with Marianne.
Lis Protherough, Entrepreneur
Marianne’s coaching and development of a team, and in particular her ability to energise them to deliver, is exceptional.
Ivan Brooks, Interim CIO