What we Value

At Bright7 we believe that simplicity is the key to personal and business growth.

We believe that business is about trusting relationships…that relationships deliver results.

We believe that strong relationships are built by being consistent, reliable, caring, and by giving heaps of value. Our people and our customers love us when they experience these things, and they learn to trust us when they are the norm.

We know that many people and many businesses over-complicate, are disorganised…often chaotic, have lost sight of what they are aiming for…and we believe that getting back in touch with our true priorities will help us to simplify our life, and achieve our ideal future.

We believe that simple process and systems deliver consistency, make us reliable, show our team that we care about their development, and our customers that we care about their experience with us.

We know that a wonderful side-product of great systems is that we have more clarity about where we are going, more time to focus on growing our business, more control over the standards within our operation, and more profit to fund our growth and look after the future of our business.

We have fun…always…and we just love coming to work.


Who is Marianne?

Marianne Page

Inspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

Marianne Page is an award-winning leader and developer of high performing teams; inspiring successful small business owners to build simple systems and a high performing team that will free them to enjoy a fulfilling life, and not just a profitable business.

Marianne developed a number of high performing teams of her own during her 27 year career as a senior manager with McDonald’s, and spoke internationally on the power of People + Process on behalf of the UK business.

During this time she also developed over 14,000 managers and franchisees through all stages of their progress within the business, over an 8 year period as UK Training Manager.

Marianne currently works closely with a number of Successful Small Business Owners who have over-complicated their life and business, to simplify and systemise, by implementing her bespoke programme The McFreedom Systemwhich draws on her McDonald’s experience, and models the 4 Foundations of McDonald’s Success – Planning, Process, people, Performance.

Through a complimentary programme, The Bright Managers Club, Marianne mentors and develops the ‘Second Line’ managers of her clients’ businesses.

Marianne loves writing, and is author of Process to Profit – a book hailed as ‘better than The E Myth’. She also authored the acclaimed McFreedom Report, and has a strong following for her regular Friday Frog Blog.

Marianne’s mission in life is to convince every successful business owner to build a fulfilling life and not just a successful business – and then to show them how.

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Who is Peter?

Peter also worked for McDonald’s 

He joined them at 18 and after a bit of coming and going to work on the oil rigs (as you do) and do his degree, he settled down to have a career.

At 40, Peter had a mid-life crisis and decided that he didn’t want to work for a large company any more, so he left to set up his own. 

Using everything he’d learned at McDonald’s, he set his company to be successful.

After 3 years the business was doing really well and he had trained my team to deliver the courses without him being there. And THAT gave Peter the opportunity to indulge in his main passion    Food!

He bought a deli, built it up using the McDonald’s foundations that we teach in The McFreedom System™, and recently sold it for a healthy profit.

Now he has the time to work with Marianne, supporting other successful small business owners in creating the freedom he now enjoys through The McFreedom System™