Is your business stuck in a rut

It's very easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes we don't even recognise that we're in one. A rut's boring, same old same old. Dull, right? And that's not your life!

 Well what if [...]

What you DO is a megaphone for what you believe in

What do you believe in? What do you value? In life? In your business? What would your team say you value? When business owners are asked about their values, they’ll usually say things like 'honesty', [...]

Planning to hold your true course

Imagine you have a boat. You’ve just set sail and you’re headed out to sea - full of optimism and excitement. Captain of your destiny.  Master of your fate. But where are you headed? Wherever [...]

How to plan – life first, business second

If you’re going on a long journey in your car, what do you do? You think about where you are now, what your starting point is. You think about where you want to get to [...]

Beware the ghost of Christmas past!

A salutary tale for those of you planning to work over Christmas... On the twelfth day of Christmas the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, said to me: Twelve months a-dreading Eleven months of [...]

Why you should be the Meerkat for your business – 10 benefits of systemised planning

Planning is the platform on which your innovation and creativity can blossom and shine. And that’s just one of my top ten benefits... Planning: Helps you to spot opportunities A consistent planning system, and planning [...]

Tis the season to…plan

When I worked for McDonald’s I learned that planning is a team sport; most effective when it involves the people it affects as well as those who’ll deliver on it. I learned that you listen [...]

Systems kill creativity! Really?

Drive on the left. Give way from the right. Don’t hog the middle lane. This is our ‘system’ for driving in the UK, or ‘the way we drive round here’. Despite having a system, there [...]

What systems and toothache have in common

Last week I was featured in Management Today, which was fun. The article was all about my take on what small business has to learn from McDonald's. You may have seen it, but if not then [...]

Don’t judge a wasp by its sting

I was attacked by a wasp the other day. My lovely walk in the country was suddenly interrupted by a severe burning pain in my arm - the little beggar having sunk his stinger into [...]

For the next 90 days…

Tomorrow is the 1st October, maybe as you read this that was yesterday, or even the day before, it doesn’t matter - what matters is that you have 3 months stretching out before you ’til [...]

Why complaints are Gold Dust

'Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.' Bill Gates Have you ever wanted to complain online to a company only to find that complaints are not one of the fifteen options for [...]

How to make a First Day memorable (for all the right reasons)

It’s that time again, new beginnings.  For some their first day at a new school or college. For others their first day in a new role or a new job; maybe their first ever job? [...]

The Power of Performance Management – what business can learn from British Cycling

‘Everyone in the GB cycling team wants to be world class in their role.’ - Sir Chris Hoy If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been completely engrossed by the stories of success from the [...]

Planning for a crisis

The combines were out in force last night - up and down they went hour after hour, right through to 2am. Noisy buggers they are too, but rather than be frustrated or angry that they [...]

It’s not about the burgers

An entrepreneur went to see a wiley old investor to ask her to fund his business idea.  He had a brilliant idea about a product he wanted to launch, and he felt sure she would [...]

Does your business have a fitbit? The Value of setting targets

‘The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.’ Mal Pancoast ‘Get moving’ programmes have got many people up and active, improving their lives through exercise. With obesity and heart [...]

Are you an Investor in People?

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’ The other day someone asked me where they could get help to implement ‘Investors in People’. I replied with [...]

Prevention is the cure

When putting things right could be wrong! Picture the scene… Your team have just produced a proposal for a client, who’s complained that there are four mistakes in it, including the mis-spelling of their business [...]

Let it go – 6 tips for positive reflection

'When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.' - African Proverb Are you a reflector? Are you that person who looks back over the day and week and reflects on how [...]