Time to get your business off the People Pain Train

Are you riding the People Pain Train?

You know…the one that calls at:

‘I could do it quicker myself’

‘Why can’t they get it right’

‘Where the hell is he?’

It’s usually pretty crowded, the Pain Train – full of other successful small business owners just like you.  People who started small and made it big, or big enough at least to need a team.  And then of course, the wheels came off.

Our client Tom knows all about that.

Tom wishes people were more like machines.

‘Machines; you buy them, set them set up, maintain them and they rarely let you down. They don’t have to know where the business is headed. You don’t have to teach them how to do their job. You don’t have to hear about their problems.  None of that stuff!

Yes, you have to replace them when the time comes, but only after years of hassle-free service. I never mind investing in new kit, because I know the return I’ll get from it’

‘But people? Don’t get me started.

My fun life in my well ordered business has been ruined by people. Their dramas, their moods, their need for feedback on every little thing. Always something to complain about, and then the next thing, they’re asking for time off.  All take and no give, that’s people for you.  Too much like hard work!’

Of course Tom’s right, they can be; but they really don’t have to be.

Get your business off the People Pain Train

Imagine if the People Train wasn’t full of Pain.  Imagine if it called at:

‘We did it’

‘Our Customers love you’

‘You’re a star’

‘We’ve smashed it, let’s party’.

Thousands of very successful businesses call at those stations every week, if not every day.  Businesses run by high performing teams; full of individuals who take ownership; led by inspirational entrepreneurs – why shouldn’t one of those businesses be yours?

My old business McDonald’s isn’t a small or even a medium size business these days, but that’s how they started, that’s what they built from – small but successful, just like you.

But maybe unlike you, they saw people as their most valuable asset, and they treated them that way. They still do.

Involving their managers in planning, and sharing not just the destination, but also the route map, with every single team member in the business.

Giving everyone systems to follow; step by step procedures that make their life easier, build their confidence, allow them to take ownership.

Hiring people who are right for the business, and then giving them all the training and support they need to do well, to excel, to rise as high as they want to in the business.

And, most crucially, giving them feedback…lots of it; constructive feedback that helps each individual to improve; regular formal performance management that keeps them on track, keeps them developing, keeps them moving forward.

Do their managers have people challenges?  Of course they do.  And when they do, they deal with them calmly and confidently, just as they’ve been trained.

They follow what we like to call The McFreedom System a system inspired by McDonald’s and modelled on the four foundations of their success. 

The McFreedom System focuses on:

Where you want to get to

How you’re going to get there

Who you’re going to need by your side, and

How you’re going to continuously improve your high performing team.

In other words – Planning, Process, People and Performance.

Every successful business needs these four foundations in order to scale.  Every successful business owner needs these four foundations to achieve their Freedom.  Freedom to scale, grow or sell your business, or run it from a beach somewhere.

If you want to get off the People Pain Train. 

If you want to know more about how McDonald’s remove the pain of dealing with people…

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